• Week of 2/19

    This week was really short like last week. I do admit in the beginning I was stressed because I thought that I had to do everything on the assignments page but it was really part a or part b. I chose part b which was three visual assignments! Most of the visual assignments I used…

  • growing up

    Link to assignment

  • Aggressive Technology Take over

    I mentioned earlier that Marie’s job wants to standardize AI in the call center, to help sort calls. The company that owns the call center that Marie manages was just bought out by the mega-multi-national corporation Aggressive Technologies. The company is now forcing its company to use its AI helpers to sort calls instead of…

  • Video Analysis

    This took a lot of effort and I am not really happy with the result. I wish I had more time to play around with video editors and to make it better. I did get it done and I hope that you enjoy it. To start with this I watched the movie and picked a…

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This is how it all started…

Hi, My name is Leila, and I am a first year at the University of Mary Washington. I am looking forward to pursuing a degree in Biomedical sciences on the pre-med track. I come from a diverse background and enjoy watching new shows, listening to all types of music, and learning about different cultures. I currently live with my dog Bonnie and spend most of my time studying and walking her. I am from the Virginia area. (Richmond and Hampton) and also have spent most of my childhood living in Atlanta, Georgia.

Leila Billhimer