Final Project Part 3

I took yesterday and the weekend to create news ads for my group’s project. I had a little bit of difficulty finding a template on CapCut, which I usually use, but I found good templates on Canva. Instead of using one template for all of my videos, I chose to use three different templates. I took some ideas from our group outline where we put our ideas for the upcoming project. I used Sarah’s idea for one news video where 7-up machines began to go haywire. I then connected my ideas for the Tesla Crashes on the highway (a short scene from leave the world behind) with them being recently bought out by Aggressive Technologies. I then used the same clip to create another news article siting the recent podcast with workers from Aggressive technologies. I also used another idea of a self driving tesla by taking a news report of someone launching a tesla off a hill and reconstructed it so it seems like the tesla was self driving. Some of the clips received Ai voice others while others did not based purely on my discretion. I found that the internet is still hard to work around so the videos took 2x as long to do than regularly, which sucks. I hope in the coming semester the Wifi is fixed. I will say that this project gave me another opportunity to step outside of my comfort zone and work with new people, which is interesting to me. In the daily group chat chatter I find little things out about others lives and it’s interesting to me how different college is from high school where you are surrounded by peers of the same age group. Every time I learn that someone has a husband I am shocked to say the least. Anyways, here is week 2’s update on the final project. Stay tuned for more.

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  1. Sarah Bradshaw Avatar

    I am glad you used the old 7 up ad. Something made me think of it, but I wasn’t sure how to use it. Your videos are great. Everyone in our group works on a different life schedule. I have noticed some people do a lot of work around midnight. This online class seems to have a wide age range. I know I am not the only older student just by what people have written. I am excited to see out final project put together.

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