Second to last week 4/22

As we finish up DS106 the ending comes bittersweet but with an opportunity to come together once again and showcase the skills that we learned during this class. I have learned how to do audio and visual editing and create great pieces of work for this class. I am really appreciative for the experiences that I had in this class and even though I intentionally chose this so I didn’t have to interact with people as much. I found that I was connected to people more than ever and I think that the final project showed just that. For this project I worked with Greta Marisol, Sarah, and Destiny. They were all very understanding and great people to work with. Below are links to the process of finishing up this amazing work!

I feel like the posts within themselves give a great reflection process so I will just link them down below. This week I struggled with my new enemy umw res life wifi once again and premium/paid-for programs, but I returned victorious. I used ideas from my group and added my own to create news broadcast videos to add to our project to create our own Ai takeover. I enjoyed this process and I hope you do too! Please visit the links below for extra details!

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