Hello AT the camera is on you!

For this project, I wanted to go for the campaign video vibe. Which I will say I did so well! I hand-crafted each of the frames that you see on the screen, yes all of them. That took me about 4 hours total just to make and then I had to edit all the clips together and add a video from Wav2lip which took about another 2 hours. I struggled hard with the audio syncing in any of my videos. I think that the programs that I used were taking up too much memory on my mac which I found out towards the end. The upsides of the project were that I learned how to use animation assist on procreate and I created my first animation!! I also learned how to use Wav2lip script to make characters talk. The only thing I wish I had more time for is to create more slides for the audio and to be able to make it sync better. which I will have to figure out at a later time. I also used eleven labs, after it being mentioned in the radio broadcasting last week which really gave a human touch to the whole thing! It was a complete pivot from my original plan but I love it and I hope you do too! It was really nice to see ALL of the things that I learned in this class come all together.

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  2. destiny Avatar

    “AT works hard but we work harder” i love it AT WILL FALL!! this was really good though!!

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